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Kingdom General Data Analysis Service

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This service is to calculate the sums and group by different range of top 300/600 power governors' power, T4 kills, T5 kills and death troops, and provide the analysis view with charts and tables

  • Provide tools to have options to display and compare the information calculated with your selected days/kingdoms, and also to all the public available kingdoms from this website.
    • Distribution bar charts for power, T4+T5 kills, T4 kills, T5 kills, death troops, combat strength
    • Average distribution bar charts for power, T4 kills, T5 Kills and death troops, combat strength
    • Comparison features with/without all public available kingdoms from this website.
    • Ranking tables with/without all public available kingdoms from this website.
  • The information calculated from buyers' purchased days will only be accessible in buyers own private view, and will not be accessible by other users via websites' public pages.
  • Upon gathering information of the kingdom, the governors with high T4/T5 kills and power are likely to automatically included in the governor ranking tables.
  • Figures group by ranges and NOT at individual governor level, and therefore, this is NOT for KvK tracking.
  • Example page please visit: #1307   and T4 kills, T5 kills and death troops tables
  • New Enhancements: We can now compare the Individual Governors Progression between 2 available scans, and can be exported as CSV (Customer purchased scans or to our latest available scan on the website.

For 99% of the time, we will deliver your analysis around noon UTC hours on the scheduled date. However, in unexpected cases, such as game update dates, the analysis may be delayed until the end of the scheduled date.

The Individual progression is only limited to the governors exists in BOTH of the selected scans. The scans are based on the Top Power governors at the time of the gathering. This is NOT suitable for KVK tracking as the Top Power may not be the same set of individuals. If you are interested in the individual governors' KvK stats, please see KvK Tools for more details.
This service dose NOT include the raw data used for supporting the analysis tools. The combat strength only includes top 300 power governor in all 300/600/900 kingdom service packages The combat strength only list top 10 power governor rank with governors name.

Price for 1x gathering on selected kingdom

300 governors
600 governors

Video show case of the Kingdom Services - #506 Lost kingdom - Heroic Anthem KVK preview

Chinese version https://youtu.be/ArFJzH1DNoI

English version https://youtu.be/4OvCoXUyEXc