Q: Can I use "Kingdom General Data" with top 300 power governors and rank tables for kingdoms' wars' or fights' performance calculation?

A: No, you cannot.

Kingdom's general data pages, e.g. #1114 , and rank tables , are the snapshots that display the sum of kills and death troops of top 300 power governors from the game at a "specific point in time"!

On the occasions where a kingdom is in war/fight, high powered active governors may be included in a day's data before the war/fight, but fallen out of top 300 power after the war/fight day.

Hence this is NOT suitable for measure KvK kingdom participation and performance!

Alternatively, our KvK tools analysis operates by calculating a set of individual governors' effort over time with a buffer range, hence why that will give more accurate kills and death troops contributions.

Give an example to explain, what we've seen from calculation with general data snapshots, which outputs a misleading figure. Below is the results from analysing the same data with different tools - using KvK tool VS a simple difference of 2 days' of kingdom's general data and rank tables .

T4 Kills T5 Kills Death Troops
Difference from kingdom snapshots at 2 particular points in time 32M 406M 60M
Difference change with KvK tool calculation on individual governors' effort 282M 512M 113M

The reasons for this particular case was due to:

  • The kingdom has more than 300 active governors participated in this particular fight;
  • Average power of top governors has dropped due to the fight;
  • At the same time a number of governors dropped off top 300 due to power drop, and swapped places with governors who was originally ranked outside of top 300.
  • The "Kingdom's General Data" and rank tables reflected less changes in kill because it takes the sum of top power 300 governors, example, governorA who had 2M, killed 5M (total 7M) had a power drop to rank 300+; swapped by a governorB who had 6M, killed 2M (total 8M). However, the actual kill gained in war from governorA's 5M and governorB's 2M was not reflected when consider the sum of top 300 difference, the change taken directly from the snapshots is just 1M.

Q: Which KvK package suits my kingdom?

A: It depends on how active is your kingdom. Generally, 300 governors package is sufficient to understand the fight efforts. We have a buffering system that ensures we keep tracks of governors at the top but dropped off marginally due to power drop. (Q. What is the buffering system?) 600 Top Governors packages suits kingdoms who would like to better view kingdom activities rather than just award system.

Q: What is the buffering system?
Q: How many governors do you track with our packages?
Q: What happens when governors dropped off marginally from top 150/300/450/600/950?

A: Our buffering system ensures we can continue tracking governors who were at the top 150/300/450/600/950 on entering the fight, but dropped out marginally from the top 150/300/450/600/950 positions.

The number of additional governors from Our buffer bonus varies on how active your kingdom is. Below are some stats from our finished KvK War Activity Data Calculator seasons.

Recent 13 "300 Top Governors KvK package", this additional buffering bonus provides 380-480 governors information for management team over the entire season.

Recent 4 "600 Top Governors KvK package", we've provided 680-800 governors over the entire season.

Finally a recent "950 Top Governors KvK package" tracked 1054 governors.

(Last updated: 18/02/2021)

Q: What can I use to see the KvK season performance and participation of top power governors?

A: Please check the KvK War Activity Calculator

Q: What can I use to see a governor's fight status in KvK, such as kills, death and RSS assistance?

A: Please check the Individual Governor

Q: I am in my kingdoms’s management team, and would like to see the fight status and customise our own ratio/weighting of kills/death/RSS contributions, which should I use?

A: Please check the KvK War Activity Calculator

Q: I would like to see my fight status in my kingdom during KvK and also interested to know my ranking in all available kingdoms , which should I use?

A: Please check the Individual Governor

Q: I would have to have a high level view of a kingdom's power/kill/death to know the spread of top 300 or 600 power governors, which should I use?

A: Please check the Kingdom General Data Analysis Service

Q: How can I compare kingdoms' total power on top 300 power governors?

A: Please check the Kingdom power ranks

Q: How can I compare 2 kingdoms' data for 300 power governors?

A: Please check the Kingdom overview page, and select kingdom you want to compare with.